Yes, it is possible to experience a major retrospective exhibition of Miró with over 150 paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints in just over 30 minutes when you are with your seven-year old son. A  little frustrating to do it so quickly, but on the other hand important for my son not to get bored with art or feel negative about coming with me. To his credit, we stopped and sketched and that helped us both to understand Miró’s art better. I love his sinuous, deceptively simple lines. Lines that ache with emotion, sadness and despair interspersed with personal, dreamlike symbols. It is best not to study Miró’s work in an analytical way, but rather respond to the rawness of his emotion, understanding that many images were a response to his country’s political situation. Some pictures felt like old friends that I had studied at university and what a pleasure to see so many together. Well worth a visit especially if you can afford more than 30 minutes!