I love this photo I took yesterday because it captures something of the vastness of the countryside where there is space to breath. At this time of year the colours remind me of South Africa, my home country.

The holidays are looming – the ‘big one’ – and I will have three children at home for seven weeks and I wondered how I would have time to be creative. This got me thinking and I have set myself a holiday project. I shall take a photo every day of my local environment. Well, I plan to do five days out of seven – I need a few lie ins. Because it will be hard to do it with family clinging to my skirts, I shall take photos between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning. The theme – ‘Morning’s at Seven’ and having this parameter means I won’t always be able to travel far but be challenged to take photos from my doorstep… whether it is dewy flowers, snails, misty views or gifts from the cat. My doorstep will vary during the holidays as we will be camping, visiting Bridport and travelling to Sweden. I am most excited by this challenge and also hope to become more familiar with my new camera.