Cover of Letter Arts Review magazine

I have been rather busy with other aspects of life and my desk is a paper waterfall and desperately needs sorting out. But what have I been up to creatively? ‘Small Worlds’ exhibition is over and I was delighted to have sold a ‘Journey’ book and thanks to all my friends who supported me. I felt honoured that so many popped in and I am sure it wasn’t just for the cake. I have entered five of my typographic cards to a calligraphic competition run by the magazine Letter Arts Review. I know they are not strictly calligraphic – but it is always worth a try. Lin Kerr will be selling some of my cards at Oxford Summer School were she will be teaching. I am also excited to be visiting Art in Action this Saturday –  it is so inspirational. Then of course tomorrow is the big day of starting my photographic holiday project… friends suggest I photograph the end of the bed! Have they no faith?