7 August 2011

8 August 2011

9 August 2011

10 August 2011

11 August 2011

Week 3 of Morning’s at Seven began with a trip to the airport to catch a plane to Sweden and the photo was my earliest yet – taken at exactly 6:30am. This was followed by a beautiful morning when I took photos in Tyresö at err… 8:00 – I forgot to change my watch so it is ‘Morning’s at Seven (UK time)’. The snails were an impressive size and as they are everywhere, the children quickly learnt their first Swedish word -‘ singlar’! There had to be one snail photo with a title like ‘Mornings at Seven’ so a large Swedish one is a good choice. A morning walk to the local graveyard was not so peaceful when petrol lawnmowers are around, but the grass has to be cut sometime and the inhabitants weren’t complaining about the early hour.