After much plotting and planning, I finally made it to Hatfield House to see the exhibition of Henry Moore’s sculptures. I love his work, the bold solid shapes so indicative of pebbles,vertebrae seed pods and rolling hills. Moore is able to suggest the human figure with a few evocative curves that are much more powerful than getting bogged down in details. When we arrived at the gardens, it was raining which was disappointing until I realised that the drops on bronze and reflections in puddles brought a new dimension to his work. I would love to return and spend time alone drawing and photographing but it was satisfying to watch the children feel the art and enjoy exploring the shapes from inside out. My irreverent friend also had a go at getting in touch with his artistic self. And at the end of the day we collected windfall apples and parsley from the formal gardens to complete our supper preparations.

If you have the opportunity do visit Moore at Hatfield House, Hertfordshire, open until 30 September 2011.