Moss covered stones of a lost cottage

I have three projects that I would like to work on this year. I am working on two concurrently and I only have time to do a little each week but I am finding them most inspiring. I thought I would introduce Project 1: Snap Village.

Background: Snap is a lost village on the Ridgeway in Wiltshire and captured my imagination immediately. Half remembered truths, lost legends, history and letters, fragments from the past grip and fascinate me. For over four centuries the population of this hamlet remained at about 40 to 50 people but in the late 1800s major changes in agriculture meant that the employment on the local farms was drying up. In 1905 the two farms in the area were bought and converted from arable to sheep farming which deprived the villagers of their work and six of the seven cottages were abandoned. The villagers had no choice but to move away, apart from an elderly couple who remained for a few more years. The last two people living in Snap were James and Rachel Fisher. In 1909 after her husband had died, Rachel aged about 84 was persuaded to move to nearby Aldbourne. A tiny little community and hamlet was finally lost forever.