In memory of the people of Snap

Remains of the old well

I visited Snap for the first time in December 2011 to explore and satisfy my curiosity. There isn’t much to see and if I didn’t know it was there, I would have walked right past. Trees have grown over the site and the area was used for military training in World War One which hastened its dereliction – we clearly saw what could only be a bomb crater while walking down the lane. Many of the cottages have also been plundered for building materials. On my second visit in January I discovered the old well and also the stone bollard. This had been placed to protect a cottage that was built close to the lane from passing traffic. It made me smile sadly as the cottage is long gone but the bollard remains. Defunct of its original duty, it has a worthier function of commemorating an entire village. The hamlet was always too small for a church so there are no gravestones but green snowdrop stalks pierce through the dead leaves as a reminder of the former gardens. I started to dig.