Treasures from the earth

A few favourites - I especially like the delicate pink cup and linear ship drawing

As I dug around in the soil I found many pottery fragments – remnants from a people living, loving and being in Snap. Some pieces had been cups, some plates, perhaps a few chunky chamber pots and even a delicate glass top  – a perfume bottle? None look precious but they excite me and capture my imagination with the humble story they hold. I had another opportunity to visit Snap for a little more detective work a few weeks ago. Sometimes you visit a friend and have a moment of serendipity – she confessed she owned a metal detector. I confessed I had always wanted to use one so she lent it to me and I had a glorious time searching in Snap for metal. My son hoped for treasure, I had plans to find a few coins and though all we managed to find were scraps and a door handle, it was deeply satisfying to fulfil a dream.

I now have pieces of Snap and want to create an art work incorporating these fragments. I have done one piece using a similar idea called ‘Walking Home’ but I  am planning to use more pottery pieces in this art work. However, I’m also working on another art project so I may have to hold off for a while and let my ideas continue to bubble.

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Hunting for treasure with a metal detector