Slow shutter speed (1/10 36 WB - sun)

Shallow depth of field (1/80 5.6 WB - sun)

Shallow depth of field (1/50 4.5 WB - tun)

Panning (1/20 16 WB - sun)

Low light, slow shutter speed (1/4 9 AWB)

Same image with different white balance settings (Left - sun, right - tungsten)

I have been experimenting with my camera and for each project I have focused on a different camera setting to create different effects. My photographic tutor emphasised that digital photos are free, so take plenty. Above are a few of the results, these are not always the most amazing images but this time it is all about experimenting. I especially enjoyed placing my camera on a bag (in lieu of a tripod) and setting it on a very low speed to capture the excitement of a carousel. And visiting my favourite museum Pitt Rivers to photograph the dark treasure trove from a bird’s-eye view