Detail of 'Eighty Years Later'

I have glued most of the images and textures onto the artwork although I will add a few at the end if required. The next stage was to add the text. For the heading I used my letterpress wood type and after a little practice, I tackled the real thing praying I wouldn’t make a spelling mistake. I used coloured ink and allowed the colours to blend, keeping a palette of blues, greys and lilac and I will live with the slightly wobbly letters. For the main body of text I considered using a computer font and rubbing it on using artists’ thinners. In the end with encouragement from Lin Kerr, I bit the bullet and wrote in my own ‘fair’ hand. I took the view that this isn’t a computer generated image and what seems like imperfection provides the character. Wondering what this is about? Click here to find out more about this project.