A fragment of the design… more tomorrow

Designing an image the size of a wall when your computer screen is A3 is a tad challenging. The design was to be 4 metres long by 2.2 metres high – that’s big! And it’s high resolution and even my fast computer was groaning a little. But what fun I had when commissioned to create a pop-up stand for a Village Plan. ORCC (Oxfordshire Rural County Council) is a charity that brings together people who care about local village life and encourages them to think about what they want for their village and to start making it happen. That is just what the parish of West Hendred and East Ginge had decided to do and to launch the event they wanted a pop-up stand with ‘wow’ factor. My brief was to remind villagers why they chose to live there and make them proud of their village – it was not to be about the details of the plan but to engage and excite the local people.