I had fabulous fun designing labels as well as sewing

I live in a great village surrounded by wonderful mums and we endeavour to support each other, laugh together, gossip over tea, cry a little and learn from one another. It reminds me of a book I read and I quote – ‘I lived outside community, I lived without a tribe. I needed women to listen to my pain and honour my tears. Then I needed women to tell me it was time to dry my tears… and do something. I needed women to grab my hands and say, “Let’s pray about this”. I needed women to tell me to rent a silly film and laugh hysterically. I needed women to say “Celebrate! Go shopping!” The best thing I ever did was tiptoe out of isolation and join the circle of women.’

And recently we got together for six weeks to sew and to learn some tips from the experts, Ali and Sally. We have made some fantastic items – my favourite are the jammy sewing jars kits – but more importantly welcomed new friends and strengthened bonds (and drank lots of coffee). Sally even went as far as to set up a blog about us. We will meet up as for another stint of creativity in October.

Sip while you sew

Some of our wares – mini sewing kits