postaweek reflections1postaweek reflections2postaweek reflections3For some years now the village minutes have read that GR has inspected the horse-chestnut tree on the bank by the play park and has suggested that because it is somewhat diseased it may need replacing. The local gossip is that this magnificent tree was planted by a school child when the village hall was the local school. It seems so sad that its days are numbered and perhaps if a new oak tree is planted, it should be done by a pupil of the current school to provide continuity. I often admire the reflections created on clear winter days and this week’s topic motivated me to capture them. In the third photo I was annoyed that the building was in the background but when I reviewed the images I realised how significant it was to have the hall there as that was the old school and the chestnut’s history is linked to that of the school. Not only was it planted by a child but it has provided chestnuts to play with, leaves to collect and branches to hide in by generations of children.

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