buy nothing newSo what is this all about then?

It’s a one month challenge to buy nothing new with the exception of essentials like food, toiletries and medicines. Buy Nothing New Month isn’t buy nothing new ever again nor is it about going without. It’s about taking one month off to think, “Do I really need it?” If I do, “Can I get it from a second-hand shop, borrow it or rent it?”

I visited one of my ‘blog friends’ website a few months ago (Thanks where I first heard all about the Buy Nothing New Month which is meant to be in October. But I found out too late to participate so thought I would give it a go in February. I would love to encourage readers to do likewise – let me know if you are in! You have two weeks to think about it. I have prepared a little and planned my mum’s birthday gift so she needn’t worry! If you join me in this fun challenge let me know how it is going during the month of February. If you think this is radical, it pales into comparison with another mum who has decided to buy nothing new for her child for a year. Have a look at her site at

Visit the official website for further information and tips: (They also designed the great logo above)