WritersGreenHouseKickstarter-cover_largeMy sister, Megan Kerr, an author and editor is aiming to publish The Writers’ Greenhouse: Story Elements which is a book of games and activities to assist creative writing and for writers’ group. It is fun, creative process-learning based around key elements of story architecture and will help writers learn new principles, try fresh approaches, and collaborate. The finished book will have 50+ hours of writing activities and because they’re photocopiable, you only need one copy between your writers’ group or for your classes.

To raise funds, she is launching it through Kickstarter. Kickstarter is a new way of funding projects, using crowd-funding. You pledge an amount (as little as £5.00) towards the project in return for a reward – different amounts have different rewards. It’s totally risk-free. If the project gets its funding goal, you get your reward. If it doesn’t, you aren’t charged. Visit the Kickstarter page to watch the video, find out all the details, and see the different rewards on offer. The deadline is 11 May 2013: back the project before then to make it happen!