snells woodland3Illustrations… I was desperate for paintings of English woodland plants. After a discussions with the environmental group and my mum, she agreed to do the illustrations at a very low price as part of her contribution to the countryside, to help me and as part of her portfolio. Lin Kerr ( set to work and over the next four months produced eight stunning images. It was even more work that she had anticipated but fortunately the originals were also able to form part of her exhibition at Oxfordshire Art Weeks. Carole Findlay ( who is an avid amateur wildlife photographer was happy to allow use me to use her beautiful birds and beasties. I also had a photographic session down in the woods with my daughter posing on the wooden boardwalk. My 4-year old spotted Jelly Ear Fungi and it pleased me no end that she was able to correctly identify it so that got photographed too.snells woodland2