snells panelIt is signed sealed and delivered. After much time designing the board and fine tuning the details and text, the board is complete and has been printed. We hope to place it in situ in the near future. It is approx 60cm x 90cm.

Snells Woodland – a breathing space
This woodland is part of the Hendred Estate and is rented by East Hendred Parish Council. Hendreds Environment Group looks after the site in which you can see many ground plants, mature and newly planted trees, birds, insects and small animals. The woodland also has a boardwalk running through it which is a ‘Safer Route to School’ path.

Woodland Management
Hendreds Environment Group has drawn up a management plan to encourage a greater diversity of wildlife and looks after the site. The group has organised several working parties and along with members of the community have removed the invasive Himalayan balsam plant, planted a hazel coppice and coppiced some of the mature trees. They have attached bird and bat boxes to several trees and clean these boxes annually.

Coppicing is a traditional woodland management technique which involves cutting back British hardwood trees to within six inches of the ground at intervals of 7 to 20 years. The tree then grows back with several trunks called poles. The hazels planted in the  woodland and the sycamore trees will be coppiced when ready.