patchyYou may have noticed I have become a little patchy about posting. The reason being is that I started this blog as a stay-at-home mum who needed an outlet and wanted to encourage myself to keep thinking creatively and to be answerable to something. If I didn’t do anything creative, then I wouldn’t be able to post anything on my ‘creative journal’.

However, I recently and quite unexpectedly returned to work in February 2013 as a part-time graphic designer and don’t have as much time for my own projects. I was planning to return to work when my youngest went to school this September and I had decided to spend January to September researching what was available and updating my CV and design portfolio. I started research feeling nervous but decided it was best to bite the bullet so typed ‘local graphic design work’ into a search engine. Up came the perfect job which sounded so interesting that I thought I had nothing to lose by applying. Instead of taking 6 months to sort out a CV and portfolio, I took 2 days and before I knew it I had secured an interview and was offered the position.

I knew I would not be a stay-at-home mum forever and I have been able to spend just over 7 years without working formally which has been so precious. The new phase of children combined with an interesting job is just as exciting! A little more about the job in my next post.