dreamgeniiI work for a small company that designs and manufacturers high-end sleepwear for pregnant mums, babies and children up to the age of 5. I am involved in all aspects of design from creating the textiles (something new for me) to designing the style of pyjamas and duvets to designing catalogues and adverts and being involved in the website.

One of the most exciting aspects of the job is choosing models, planning and overseeing the photo shoots and then having the photos to design the catalogues. We ‘shot’ Christmas in June in an amazing house with 10 bedrooms for us to pick and choose from. I found it fascinating to work with a superb photographer and a stylist as part of the team. It was hard work but most rewarding to see the photos. I also had to smile and I feel as if the pressure is off to make my own house perfect. In magazines, room scenes looks so peaceful and idyllic but it is mad behind the camera with all excess props chucked to the side. I suppose my house could look perfect if I had a resident stylist continually tweaking and adjusting fabrics and accessories. Photos are not real life! But such fun to create the images and make our products look gorgeous.

Click on the link to have a sneak preview of our new range which will be available to buy in a few weeks time – www.dreamgenii.com