monoprint2 monoprint4A few years ago, I did a monoprint workshop with Lin Kerr. I loved it and longed to do it again. Fortunately Nathalie (above), managed to persuade Lin to run another workshop and I was able to attend and spend the day monoprinting in her conservatory. Not only was it wonderful to be creative in a way that is totally different from my designing job but I was also able to create some lovely textures for layering and creating artworks. Using special oil-based inks, you roll the ink on a sheet of glass. Then using a variety of techniques, create textures and imprints from found objects. I was printing feathers, sticks, coins, letters, string, stars having a ball but also at the back of my mind hoping to create textures I could use to create an artwork about The lost of village of Snap and this year’s Christmas card.


One of the techniques was as follows:
1) Roll the roller over the palette to collect a thin layer of ink.
2) Lay a texture on top of a piece of clean glass. – -e.g. the dried sticks.
3) Lay a piece of fine Chinese rice paper over this and gently but firmly roll over it.
4) The roller makes a dark impression, but the pattern gets indented onto the roller, so the next roll produces white marks. Here are some of my results using this method.

11-09-13-Tessa's monoprint72monoprint1

The image above is interesting. I was deeply affected by my recent trip to Flanders Fields and had planned to take a print of a poppy to use in some manner. The actual print was a flop as the poppy was so thin, it left no impression. However, this photograph of the poppy on the ink creates a very powerful image.

Below are the items need to do monoprinting. Visit Lin Kerr’s blog for further tips and ideas:

  • Ink: Oil-based inks which can be washed off the palette and roller with water. Available Intaglio or Lawrences.
  • Paper: Chinese Rice paper – available Guanghwa (a shop in Soho)
  • Roller: The largest diameter you can afford. It should be a medium soft roller and a minimum size is preferably 4cm X 12cm. However the ordinary Speedball soft brayer works well, but it is a little limiting because its small. Available Intaglio or Lawrences