printmakers1 printmakers2 printmakers3 printmakers4You have got to be fast and on the ball when the printmakers have their party! Each year all the members donate a print which is sold at a fraction of its usual price to raise funds for the society. I was invited to come along this year with my mum who is a member. You walk into the working studio full of printing presses and machinery which were draped in festive tinsel. But don’t waste too much time admiring the surroundings, look on the walls and take what you love! I was too slow and although I had only been there 5 minutes, I missed a print of the Isis River. Fortunately there were other prints by the same artist, Susan Wheeler, and this time I didn’t deliberate but made a fast decision and grabbed all three. They are to be my Christmas present from my mum and can’t wait to receive them.

The Oxford Printmakers’ Party is an annual event which I recommend putting in the diary, I will definitely be back next year for excellent and affordable art.