New Year2The guests have flown home, the decorations are back in the loft, the gifts have found homes except for this one – exquisitely wrapped using a black feather and a twig dipped in gold paint. A new year has begun.

I reviewed my goals from last year and was pleased that I had mostly met them. I’ve knitted my cushion and completed the woodland information panel but the biggest goal was returning to work as a designer. I started working much earlier than I had anticipated – in February 2013 rather than in September. It has been extremely rewarding and interesting although I have less time for my own creative work which means I haven’t done as much photography as I would like and nor have I created the artwork ‘Snap – a lost village’.

Other creative highlights in 2013 have been going on a monoprint course with Lin Kerr, taking on more freelance work, creating mini calendars again and challenging myself to buy nothing new for a month.

This year my creative goals are to increase my freelance graphic design business, to use my camera more often and to do a refresher camera course. I’ll also aim to visit an art gallery or ‘creative place’ once a month.