slow speed

Creating blur: Low shutter speed 1/30 (camera resting on wall). 16F (small aperture). WB – Cloudy. Shutter speed priority. IS0 400


Panning – following the movement of the yellow van. It is roughly in focus and everything else is blurry. 1/15 shutter speed. 22F. WB- Cloud. Shutter speed priority.  ISO:400

shallow depth

Practising shallow depth of file and focussing on different parts of the wall. Lens on telephoto, Aperture priority – 5.6. Speed 1/320. ISO 400.

This month I had a hot date with my camera and I returned to Oxford School of Photography. I felt as if I had fallen into a rut, the shutter speed and got stuck on 1/60 and the ISO on automatic and I needed to break free. I did a ‘Understanding your Camera’ course over 4 Saturdays two years ago but I felt that a refresher would remind me of what I had learnt and help me know what I had missed. It was an excellent day – very theoretical with only a few short practical breaks but it was just what I needed. There were also a few comments the instructor said that released me – “It is okay not to automatically know and find everything on the camera” and “You don’t have to know but be prepared to practice”. I have fallen in love again with my camera and now we need to practice, practice, practise.

About this post: My 2014 resolution is to visit a creative place every month.
January – The Ashmolean: Malcolm Morley