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My final challenge for this year which was visiting an exhibition each month. I have recently returned from Waddesdon in Buckinghamshire and viewing Winter Light by Bruce Munro. With his contemporary light exhibition, he has transformed the gardens with seven pieces along a Light Trail. One of my favourites was ‘Eden Blooms’ which was huge spheres similar to massive globe thistles hung from trees. They slowly changed colour with three being the same colour and the fourth a contrasting colour. ‘Harvest Moon’ was also inspiring and appeared as orbs shimmering on the ground and it was one of my children who pointed out that they were moons. Munro often works with familiar objects and in this case 20 hay bales were covered in plastic and lit by projectors depicting the moon. With the lights and darks they appear as three-dimensional spheres. The name refers to the traditional time of harvest which was on a full moon to lengthen the working day and his visual pun of hay bales yields a bumper crop of moons. ‘Field of Light’ was hundreds of optical cables and frosted glass balls on slender stems that gently change colour from bright white to soft white to red. It was placed amongst the circular rose garden to represent a poppy and commemorates World War One.

I was delighted to finally see Munro’s work as I tried to go last year but missed it by a day – we only realised when we got there that it had finished. Ahhh! Wrap up warm, wait until dark and enjoy. The exhibition is on until 4 January 2015 and open until 7.00pm. It is free to enter Waddesdon gardens and the exhibition if you are a National Trust member. Check this link for details.

The garden's sculptures are covered to protect them from frost and appear as eerie mysterious shrouded figures.

The garden’s sculptures are covered to protect them from frost and appear as eerie mysterious shrouded figures.

About this post: My 2014 resolution is to visit a creative place every month.
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