half bird lr
Feel like you would love to declutter your house? My first item would be the half-a-bird in the photo above. A glittery decoration which lost its other half somewhere over Christmas. Here is a fab way to detox your home that I heard about from a friend. On the first day of the month, you throw away one item, on the second day you throw away two items, on the third day you throw away three items so on the last day you will throw away thirty items. By the end of the month you will have thrown away about 400 items! They can be recycled, given to charity shops, sold on eBay or chucked. You may choose to sort out a shed, a sock drawer, a stationery box or a nightmare cupboard in the kitchen.

There is also the 20 – 20 rule which you use to decide about an item. If you haven’t used the item for about 6 months and don’t know if you ever use it again, and it costs under £20 and can be bought in under 20 minutes then throw it out.

We’ve got so excited about the idea that we have a ‘detox box’ with items ready to throw away from the 1st February. The half-a-bird will be rehomed to a tree on our route to school so we can still wave hello to it. Let me know if you plan to declutter with me this February.