New sign lr

We have a new house sign and finally after three months in our new home we can consign our nasty old sign to the bin. I wanted a hand-painted sign (but not hand-painted by me – too wobbly) and found Osbourne Signs by doing an internet search. I gave him a brief including size, colour and an example of the type of sign I was looking for. I was very unhappy with the first result as the spaces between the letters was awkward and the serifs too thick. It is always hard to express disappointment to a supplier, but I did so as diplomatically as possible and I also created a full size printout using font and spacing that I preferred. His hand is remarkably steady and the final sign is painted beautifully. I was delighted with Take Two. The old sign and in fact the even earlier sign which was still lurking in the garage can now be relegated for good – too niche to ebay! Old sign2 lr