birthday invite

birthday9 birthday6 birthday10 birthday11 birthday7 birthday8 When it comes to occasions, some people focus on the food, others the music or the outfit – me – it’s the decor and the invitation. My birthday was a great excuse to indulge in this hobby. The invitation was a quirky take on a train ticket with the date being hole punched. I went for a fresh natural slightly coastal look –white translucent bunting, black and white photos, blue striped runner, quirky blue plates and beautiful pebbles. I invited about 18 local village friends for champagne, croissants and chocolate cake and there was a great atmosphere with lots of laughter, chatter and sparkle. On Saturday night I celebrated with a family dinner party (and the same decor). The table was set with a herb plant and a ‘memory’ pebble for each guest to take home. Everyone had received a tag to fill in about ‘What’s fab about 40’ and ‘What is not so hot about 40’. The answers varied from the profound to the hilarious. Profound included “You are young enough to still enjoy some of the benefits of youth and old enough not to jump straight into the pitfalls!” And what is not hot about 40? “The grey and the sag!” Someone wrote the same answer to both questions – “You still have a lot to learn”. My husband wrote that he has finally reached the age he was born for!
Photos: Emily Macaulay, Tessa Casebirthday5