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The artwork is complete save for a trip to the framers.
“Father had one week of holiday a year at the beginning of August and as a family we would go to West Bay each day to camp in our tent. Every day, Mother packed delicious food for the day and we would set off for our destination, 1½ miles away. Father cycled while Mother and we four girls could choose to walk or catch the bus. If we walked, we had enough money to buy chocolate, which we made last by eating one square of chocolate per field. Father spent time fishing on his boat and even taught us to swim in the harbour. Our expectations were different then and yet not so much has changed. Children still love the sun, the sand and frolicking on the beach. The sounds of seagulls, waves and excited high-pitched voices are the same.”

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Detail - It is hard to see on screen but I love the way the photos melt and blur into the paper

My grandmother on holiday with her parents and two older sisters.

A few years ago my grandmother shared happy memories about her childhood holidays and how much joy they had given her. I was taken aback and shocked at her experiences compared to what we expect of holidays today. Granny Mom lived in Bridport and their much-anticipated annual family holiday was in West Bay a mere 1½ miles away. Holidays are now so complicated and we travel long distances with high expectations. We owe our family and ourselves two or three holidays a year and at least one should be overseas.

I want to create an art piece that records my grandmother’s holiday memories of the 1920s and I hope with a gentle prod help us rethink our own expectations. It will also be a reminder of happy beach holidays in childhood when simpler things gave great satisfaction. Originally the artwork was meant to emphasise the contrast of holidays 80 years apart but as I started researching, I realised that some things don’t change – children still love the sun, the sand and messing about on the beach. The sounds of seagulls, waves and excited high-pitched voices are still the same.

I will work with layering techniques similar to this piece ‘Memories’ which was also inspired by my grandmother.