bags bags3Forget the turkey stuffing, the Christmas cake kit (still in its box), the gifts unwrapped because it is time to meet friends. We meet up every few weeks obstensively to sew, knit and learn skills from each other but more importantly it is about supporting each other, laughing, sometimes shedding a tear or two and living life together. (And its cheaper that a psychologist!) I have used this quote before but it still stands true:  ‘I lived outside community, I lived without a tribe. I needed women to listen to my pain and honour my tears. Then I needed women to tell me it was time to dry my tears… and do something. I needed women to grab my hands and say, “Let’s pray about this”. I needed women to tell me to rent a silly film and laugh hysterically. I needed women to say “Celebrate! Go shopping!” The best thing I ever did was tiptoe out of isolation and join the circle of women.’

Normally we work on our own projects but for fun we had a Christmas project again – remember the button wreaths last year? This year it was clasp bags – they looked so professional but with a little tuition from Ali we were delighted to each make our own so they’ll be the ‘must-have school-gate accessory’. Thanks Ali for opening your home and sharing your talents.

Visit this site to buy the clasp and pattern.

Sew the 'pouch' and glue in the clasp - it really isn't too difficult!

Sew the ‘pouch’ and glue in the clasp – it really isn’t too difficult!