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When I read the new topic, my heart sunk – how would I get an exciting photo? But then I realised that what may seem mundane to me will be extraordinary to someone on the other side of the world. So here is the photo taken today that represents everyday life for me.

I feel so privileged to live in the countryside and daily be able to cycle my children half a mile across the fields to school. Many of my neighbours cycle their children too and the furlong is abuzz with bikes as we beetle along. We are a hardy bunch and children from the age of three are cycling confidently without stabilisers.

I love my walk and enjoy the changing seasons so much that for one year I captured the essence of each month and recorded my daily journey to school. I designed it as a book consisting of photos, recipes and emotions that make the months unique. It is a short walk but a rich and rewarding journey. You can read more about this project by going to the category ‘Seasons Journal’ (at the bottom of this blog) or by clicking this link.Weekly Photo challenge: Each week WordPress provides a new photographic theme for creative inspiration. We take photographs based on our interpretation of the theme, and post them on our blogs anytime before the following Friday when the next photo theme is announced.

An extract from my Seasons Journal: ‘The bushes and hedges are heavy, thick and secretive with their luscious summer growth.┬áRoses are pouring over walls, doors and fences with honeysuckle tendrils joining in the great escape and creating a riotous tangle of summer. The elders have bloomed and the large bunches of tiny elderflowers hang from their branches. They have a sweet and delicate scent but it can become overpowering as it hangs in the air and its perfume is most obvious at night as I go to put the chickens to bed. Making elderflower Champagne is one of the simplest recipes needing only four ingredients and it feels like true country living to create this refreshing drink.’ Wondering what this project is all about? Have a look at this entry. P.S. Email me if you would like the recipe for elderflower Champagne.