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My brother Andrew Kerr has spent the last 8 months working on an app where children ‘choose a colour’ on an iPad or iPhone and finger paint a dinosaur. They can then pose and take a photo of themselves with their dinosaur that they have just painted.

Please download this free app and rate it and help make it happen so that the ratings and comments do well on this weekend’s BIG Launch. Just click on Let’s-paint-dinosaurs.

The first three dinosaurs are free and for this weekend  T-Rex is free as well.

To rate it – you need to download it, then go back to the link, and you can write something and give some stars. This follows his first dinosaur app Dinosaur Zoo a couple of years ago which consistently won ‘Best kid app’ awards and got five-star ratings on the Apple App store.

The photos are of my cute little nieces ‘playing’ with dad’s dinosaurs.




My clever brother has just launched his Dinosaur Zoo for iPads! Go on – click here and buy your own pet dinosaurs. His sales are hitting the roof and this is what they say about his product:

“iPad has given us the dinosaur book we’ve always wanted. Start your own dinosaur zoo of fully animated dinosaurs. You can throw fish to swooping Pterodactyls, tease the Euoplocephalus, try not to get your fingers bitten by the Monolophosaurus – and if you roar, they roar back. But beware, if you make them really mad, they might smash the glass and get out!

Each dinosaur comes with information from the latest paleontology discoveries, plenty of fascinating facts, prehistoric maps of where they lived and where they died, and spinning 360-degree clay models overseen by the world’s leading paleontologists. The app comes with a starter-pack of six animals. New dino-packs are released regularly, so you can collect and grow your own zoo of dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs are alive again… and this time, they’re in your iPad.”

Well done Andy!

Andy's passion for dinosaurs started at 5 years old - and has never abated.