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A Pink Little Bundle has arrived as part of ‘lovingletters’ range. The buttons stuck onto the cards will vary depending on what I have in my button box. Go to for the yummiest buttons in town – with colour themes such as ‘Christmas Pudding’ or ‘Marrakesh’ it is hard to stop buying buttons! Cards retail at  £2.00 a card (plus p+p).

Some new cards for the ‘lovingletters’ range and not before time as I need to post one to a friend today. The ‘little pink bundle’ card will follow shortly. Both types of cards have real buttons stuck to them and as always, you are welcome to purchase them at £2.00 a card (plus p+p).

I have completed the first six cards of the ‘lovingletters’ range. On the back of each card is an explanation about the design inspiration: “Sometimes you strike gold when browsing through antique shops. I saw an amazing printer’s tray and bought it immediately. It has four different alphabets, all sorts of foreign characters, and a number of old logos for good measure. Hand printing has quite a different effect from how the letters would look printed with a press, but it’s very pleasing. When I’m not busy stamping, they live on the wall of my studio. Remember to keep loving your letters!”

I am delighted that Vale and Downland Museum in Wantage are stocking the cards. It is early days yet, but exciting to see what happens. You can buy them there or directly from me at £2.00 a card (plus p+p):

  • cows waiting for something to happen (orange)
  • cows waiting for something to happen (purple)
  • spring (with a list of spring flowers)
  • oh wow its your birthday
  • mum’s red letter day
  • thanks so very much
  • hooray a new home