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15-10-15 Invitation to exhibition72

If you are anywhere near Wantage in Oxford, do pop in to the Vale & Downland museum to see the Rope Of Words & Dance exhibition from 20 – 31 October. These two beautiful artistic books are produced by Lin Kerr, Megan Kerr and Christopher Ellott and all 14 illustrations from Rope of Words can be viewed. This exhibition will coincide with the Betjeman (not just) literary festival. Lin will also be giving a lighthearted workshop titled Scones and Scissors. Megan and Lin will also be giving a joint mother and daughter talk titled: Collaboration: Rope of Words and Megan is giving a writers’ workshop titled: Creative Writing Workshop on Magical Realism. So it’s all happening!
My mother and sister have recently completed a superb collaborative project. Megan Kerr wrote Rope of Words over a period of five years, most of which it spent in the drawer, in various stages of disrepair. She finished it in 2012, when it won the British Fantasy Society Short Story Competition. Lin Kerr used the story to create an illustrated book with 14 watercolours of models drawn from life and then stylised. She also designed a font called Elva which you can see on the book cover.

The story is about a woman and her lover who collected words. The Woman lost both her words and her lover and spends the rest of the story looking for them (vowing never to cut her hair until a reunion). She had to find her words to get back to her lover. If you love words, illustrations and beautifully printed books, then put Rope of Words on your Christmas list, or even better treat yourself now.

It is being sold as a limited first edition of 600 copies, numbered and signed by the author and the artist and has full-colour artwork printed on fine paper and is hand bound. The price is £15 and can be bought from Rope of Words Website.

“With some customers she bartered for hours, word for word; others would pop in for a quick word in the lunchtime rush and never consider the cost. She even sold misspellings in a bargain bucket – wikkid, lite, fink, alrite – which the teenagers bought until someone from advertising came in and snapped up the lot.

monoprint2 monoprint4A few years ago, I did a monoprint workshop with Lin Kerr. I loved it and longed to do it again. Fortunately Nathalie (above), managed to persuade Lin to run another workshop and I was able to attend and spend the day monoprinting in her conservatory. Not only was it wonderful to be creative in a way that is totally different from my designing job but I was also able to create some lovely textures for layering and creating artworks. Using special oil-based inks, you roll the ink on a sheet of glass. Then using a variety of techniques, create textures and imprints from found objects. I was printing feathers, sticks, coins, letters, string, stars having a ball but also at the back of my mind hoping to create textures I could use to create an artwork about The lost of village of Snap and this year’s Christmas card.


One of the techniques was as follows:
1) Roll the roller over the palette to collect a thin layer of ink.
2) Lay a texture on top of a piece of clean glass. – -e.g. the dried sticks.
3) Lay a piece of fine Chinese rice paper over this and gently but firmly roll over it.
4) The roller makes a dark impression, but the pattern gets indented onto the roller, so the next roll produces white marks. Here are some of my results using this method.

11-09-13-Tessa's monoprint72monoprint1

The image above is interesting. I was deeply affected by my recent trip to Flanders Fields and had planned to take a print of a poppy to use in some manner. The actual print was a flop as the poppy was so thin, it left no impression. However, this photograph of the poppy on the ink creates a very powerful image.

Below are the items need to do monoprinting. Visit Lin Kerr’s blog for further tips and ideas:

  • Ink: Oil-based inks which can be washed off the palette and roller with water. Available Intaglio or Lawrences.
  • Paper: Chinese Rice paper – available Guanghwa (a shop in Soho)
  • Roller: The largest diameter you can afford. It should be a medium soft roller and a minimum size is preferably 4cm X 12cm. However the ordinary Speedball soft brayer works well, but it is a little limiting because its small. Available Intaglio or Lawrences

snells woodland3Illustrations… I was desperate for paintings of English woodland plants. After a discussions with the environmental group and my mum, she agreed to do the illustrations at a very low price as part of her contribution to the countryside, to help me and as part of her portfolio. Lin Kerr ( set to work and over the next four months produced eight stunning images. It was even more work that she had anticipated but fortunately the originals were also able to form part of her exhibition at Oxfordshire Art Weeks. Carole Findlay ( who is an avid amateur wildlife photographer was happy to allow use me to use her beautiful birds and beasties. I also had a photographic session down in the woods with my daughter posing on the wooden boardwalk. My 4-year old spotted Jelly Ear Fungi and it pleased me no end that she was able to correctly identify it so that got photographed too.snells woodland2

Mel Lawson has been dabbling in the painting of interesting pieces of furniture and it has become a passion which she is thinking of taking forward as a business. With this in mind and as Christmas is fast approaching, Mel is hosting a Sample Sale to gain feedback on her new business idea and provide an opportunity for Christmas shopping. A number of us will be presenting our wares to add to the festive atmosphere. I have been invited to bring along my range of ‘Loving Letters’ cards and have been packaging and printing cards ready for Friday. Supporting Mel will be:

  • Tania Watson with her gorgeous hand-made KittyClips
  • Emily Macaulay with her original cards
  • Tessa Case with ‘Loving Letters’ cards
  • Lin Kerr’s orchid cards and giclées prints
  • Jan Osbourne with beautiful hand-made cushions and
  • Annabel Wheedon with a great array of Stella & Dot jewellery

If you are in Oxfordshire do pop in on Friday 23rd November, 12:00 – 3:00pm at Symonds Farm, Childrey OX12 9UA.

Glowing, luminous and jewel-like describe Lin Kerr’s orchid watercolours and I was delighted to attend the private viewing of her art at Dolphin Art Gallery. Lin is a lettering artist with a creative and diverse portfolio and her latest project has been exploring orchids in watercolour. She recently went on holiday to Singapore and, as artists do packed her paints, paper and brushes with a little space for a sarong or two. She knew she wanted to paint but it wasn’t until she arrived at the airport that the subject matter became obvious – orchids. There were masses of orchids everywhere from the airport shops to the local botanical gardens.

Orchids offer their own challenges as you paint because you can become distracted by the complexity of stems and leaves. Lin’s approach was to focus on the bloom and to float it in white space so that the flower becomes slightly abstract and we can appreciate its gorgeous colours and shapes. Lin also introduced a cartouche which acts as a design element and adds another layer of interest in the painting. A cartouche originates from Egyptian hieroglyphs where it was an oval with a horizontal line at one end which enclosed symbols and was used as a royal signature. Lin’s cartouches incorporate the name of the orchid.

Make sure a watercolour art-piece is on your Christmas wish list! Prices start at £95 for an unframed giclée (a giclée is a high quality reproduction on textured art paper).

Lin is exhibiting with Penny Gould who is a botanical artist and if you are near Wantage in Oxfordshire, visit Dolphin Art Gallery to see these talented women. The exhibition is from 15 – 24 September 2012 and they are also demonstrating their skills. Penny is demonstrating on Wednesday 19 September from 12.00 to 2.00pm and Lin is demonstrating on Monday 17 and 24 September from 12.00 to 2.00pm.

Visit Lin’s blog at
View more of Penny Gould’s work on this link

Penny Gould (Botanical Artist) and Lin Kerr (Watercolourist)

Opening of ‘Flowers’ Exhibition at Dolphin Art Gallery