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1up1down colI was asked to design a logo for a 10km run in the Oxfordshire area. Because the run is local to ‘The White Horse’, I used the beautiful, stylised shapes of the chalk horse that is engraved into the hillside as inspiration. The run will be up and down a hill so I based the logo on the profile of a hill and two people running with shapes suggested by ‘The White Horse’. The colours are contrasting with a bold, legible text. Better start training!

Concept Board for client

Concept board for client

I will backtrack as one of my best advisors, Megan Kerr, who is incidentally also my sister suggested that it would be helpful to see the processes behind designing a logo. Helen Hartstein is starting up a new company and didn’t have an enormous budget for a corporate identity. However, she recognised that it is very important to have a well designed logo that looks professional as it sets the tone for the company and will also give potential clients confidence. She gave me a clear brief and to keep the price down, I explained that I wouldn’t explore lots of different avenues but stick to the brief. Some clients give a looser brief and may want to see 3 – 4 completely different solutions but that would be a more expensive option. Other clients would want a logo designed and then ask me to design stationery (business card, letterhead, complimentary slip), a brochure, flyers as well as a website. Helen just needed the logo at this stage. Other items may follow as and when they are required. The first concept board that I emailed to Helen showed a variety of fonts, different positions of the stone and colour ideas. One of the logos has the texture of stone within the text.

Mood Board 1

Concept Board 1

Helen chose the font and wanted to explore the option of a hand drawn heart. I also looked at the text graduating in colours and showed her how the logo would look in greyscale and in black and white.

Moodboard 2

Concept Board 2

We were nearing the end of the journey. After seeing the third concept board, we finalised the colour and Helen decided to have the photographic stone as her main logo but to have the hand drawn heart as an extra icon.

Concept board 3

Concept Board 3

I supplied the final logo in various formats such as eps and jpegs to cater for its various applications. And Heartstone now has a logo!

heart logoI’ve recently completed a job for a new client. Helen Hartstein has opened her own marketing agency called Heartstone. Heartstone assists with marketing strategies, campaign management and all the marketing needs for small businesses. I used an image of a heart-shaped stone and a clean, modern font – one of my favourites. The colour scheme is greys with muted greens and purples as accent colours. I worked through a number of variations for the logo by creating concept boards until we agreed on the final one and we’re both pleased with the result. Have a look at her website – – and best wishes in your new venture, Helen.

I designed a new logo for Q Gardens – not the Kew Gardens but almost as good – our local farmshop. The logo is simple and bold and the shape of the Q subtly suggests a cherry as the shop is in Harwell where there is a long history of fruit growing.