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The countryside is frothing with Queen Anne’s Lace as it skirts the borders of the fields softening the edges with its filmy flowers. I love cycling through them and seeing them glitter in the sun. This flower is known less prosaicly as ‘Cow’s Parsley’ which developed into an interesting conversation with a young friend of mine. We decided that as it is on the edge of the fields, just as parsley may decorate our meal, it garnishes the grass for the cows. I very much enjoyed my mini photo shoot this month and rushed out early one morning when I had ten spare minutes as the light was perfect and the grass was dew-dropped. There wasn’t time to go further afield so later in the week I cycled off in the early evening for another session. It is quite challenging to capture their impact as the delicate flowers create a diffused texture which becomes flattened in photos. Although cow’s parsley can be eaten and has a fresh spicy flavour, don’t confuse it with its sinister cousin hemlock, which did for Socrates. I personally don’t take this risk of misidentification!

About this post: I plan to have a countryside photo session once a month during 2015.

An extract from my Seasons Journal: Finally the weather is noticeably warmer and it feels as if summer has begun. Blossoms flutter down like confetti while cow parsley has sprung up and is at its best with drifts of tiny flowers. There are so many different shades of green from the palest off-white to dark bottle greens and everything in between. This is offset by the violently yellow field of oilseed rape which is eye-wateringly bright and we detoured to see it close up and enjoy the sensation of being surrounded by yellow, yellow, yellow. Wondering what this project is all about? Have a look at this entry.