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I found this artwork ‘Memory of a young boy’ at the Ashmolean so inspiring. It is ethereal and as I walk around, it disappears and all I can see are sheets of slippery glass. Each section of the mummy outline is drawn on a separate sheet of perspex and from some angles I can see the whole form but not from all perspectives. It made me think about faith in God and it all depends on what you look at. Sometimes you need to have faith and believe and EVEN when you can see nothing, you have to know He is still there. Just like the artwork – it was still there when I could only see the edges of glass.

What a privilege for my children to go to school in England with world-class museums around the corner – after 20 years in the UK, I am still savouring this fact. My youngest child was studying the Egyptians so off we went to the Ashmolean to go and see the real thing. There is an excellent permanent exhibition of mummies, funeral objects, sculptures and artworks. The stylised shapes and the forms of the crocodile god captures the essences and the cruelty of this reptile with minimal lines. I loved the concentration and interest of my daughter and then enjoying a hot chocolate together in the cafe. There is also the beauty of the Asmolean’s architecture to appreciate.