Peahorse Blue

Above are a few more of the beautiful sculptures to be seen at the On Form Exhibition. As lovely as the sculptures are, it is as much of a treat to wander around the lake and grounds of Asthall with its lavender, floppy roses, daisies, lady’s mantles and wildflowers. Asthall Manor dates from the seventeenth century but occupies a medieval site and I first became aware of it through my interest in the Mitford sisters who were its most famous residents and lived here between 1919 – 1926. You can read more about them on this link to a previous blog entry. Do go visit On Form if you are near Oxfordshire, open from 17 June – 15 July 2012. www.onformsculpture.co.uk

Asthall Manor garden

Leading to the gardens

Asthall Manor