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June Photo: When growing tomatoes in my greenhouse, I discovered a few rogue poppies who had snuck in there. My daughter called it ‘the unsupervised poppy’!

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I inherited a greenhouse with my new garden and was not quite sure what to put in it. This dilemma was removed when the UNSUPERVISED poppies took over. Before I knew it I had glorious poppies growing and as my daughter pointed out, they were unsupervised and unplanned. They gave me such a thrill, the flower lasting but a day before disintegrating into floating petals and leaving a very stylised seed head. I now have an unsupervised sunflower taking up residence – the only one that survived is the one I didn’t plant.

Inspired by my own greenhouse, I wandered over to the village allotments where I very much enjoyed taking surreptitious photos of other people’s sheds. One is even rumoured to be a salvaged Nissan hut. I love studying allotments which appear chaotic and confusing but as you walk within, you can see each has its own order. We garden differently just as we file papers differently. I also love the joy that allotments bring: growing vegetables from seed is deeply satisfying.

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About this post: I plan to have a countryside photo session once a month during 2015.

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Poppies: to remember our war dead however there is the double-edged symbolism as poppies are associated with opiates which promise an end to pain and oblivion – to remember no more. It was extremely moving to visit the installation at the Tower of London to see Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red‘ where ceramic poppies are being planted to represent the 888,246 British fatalities in World War One. They stream from a window, carpeting the moat and it is sickening to comprehend that each one represents a man. And one of those men was my great-great uncle John Ellery who died aged 22 on the 6 January 1916.

The installation is up until the 11 November when it will be dismantled, do go and visit it if you have an opportunity.