photo challenge change2I had a big change this week. I entered a new decade and turned 40 and these photos hanging on a line represent my life. I can’t help but reflect and recognise that I can no longer do anything I want. I won’t be a business woman running an empire (do I want that – not really). I won’t live in a house with acres and vistas (do I care – not really). What is precious and important to me? My faith, my husband and children, creative challenges, my family and my friends. Friends to laugh with, to cry with, to pray with, to shop with. Friends to run village events with, friends to cycle with and knit with, friends to giggle and gossip with and friends to advise and counsel me. I shall remember one friend’s wise words “Enjoy being 40 – it is a fruitful season.”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Each week WordPress provides a new photographic theme for creative inspiration. We take photographs based on our interpretation of the theme, and post them on our blogs anytime before the following Friday when the next photo theme is announced.