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When I read the new topic, my heart sunk – how would I get an exciting photo? But then I realised that what may seem mundane to me will be extraordinary to someone on the other side of the world. So here is the photo taken today that represents everyday life for me.

I feel so privileged to live in the countryside and daily be able to cycle my children half a mile across the fields to school. Many of my neighbours cycle their children too and the furlong is abuzz with bikes as we beetle along. We are a hardy bunch and children from the age of three are cycling confidently without stabilisers.

I love my walk and enjoy the changing seasons so much that for one year I captured the essence of each month and recorded my daily journey to school. I designed it as a book consisting of photos, recipes and emotions that make the months unique. It is a short walk but a rich and rewarding journey. You can read more about this project by going to the category ‘Seasons Journal’ (at the bottom of this blog) or by clicking this link.Weekly Photo challenge: Each week WordPress provides a new photographic theme for creative inspiration. We take photographs based on our interpretation of the theme, and post them on our blogs anytime before the following Friday when the next photo theme is announced.

An extract from my Seasons Journal: ‘The countryside has been stripped of its clutter and reveals its true shape and structure. We can see the distant cricket pavilion and new views appear. We still see colour on our walks with fat juicy rosehips and crab apples that glow red as if they are lit from within. The holly shrubs are coming into their own and are festooned with berries. Soon there will be more decoration as the Christmas wreaths start adorning the doors and supplementing the natural colours. It is glorious December when winter is still a novelty and the excitement increases as Christmas approaches.’ Wondering what this project is all about? Have a look at this entry.

An extract from my Seasons Journal: ‘The ground is an autumn carpet of leaves in the narrow Twilly Springs short cut. We swish through them, spotting lumpy hard pears and know we will watch the fruit turn into mush over the next few months. At either end of the carpet, the leaves disintegrate into slithery mud. It is a month of putting down, a month of laying to rest, a lonely month, a somber month. It is the right month to remember Armistice Day with the poignant symbol of a poppy.’ Wondering what this project is all about? Have a look at this entry.

An extract from my Seasons Journal: Out came the sun and with a blue sky, the snow sparkled and shimmered, it was breathtakingly beautiful. It was like sugar that scrunched and squeaked underfoot while the long grasses were encapsulated in ice looking fantastical as if they had just been delivered from Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. All colours became more extreme: the river appeared black against the whiteness and shady areas turned clear blue.

For over a year, I have been working on a ‘Seasons Journal’ and I am almost finished. I say almost, but I still need to complete the headings, have it digitally printed and then hand bind the books. The seasons are beautiful and yet fleeting so for one year I set out to capture the essence of each month and to record our daily journey to school. We do the same walk each day and yet it is so different as the year progresses. I took plenty of photos and each month made a focussed ‘observation walk’ where I wrote down the sights, the sounds, the smells and my emotions that made the month unique. What a satisfying challenge this journal has been. Some months have been harder to record than others but it gives me much pleasure to view the changing seasons.

I am not quite sure of what I am doing but this is a trial while I figure out what I am doing and how to customise my blog. I am a designer and how it looks visually matters to me. Widget? What is it, not quite sure but I think I need them. This is to test, if I edit the next day, does it change the date? I hope not, lets see… (that will be a no then).