13 August 2011

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18 August 2011

I am in Week 4 of Morning’s at Seven and going strong although my brother teased saying his theme was ‘Morning’s at Ten’. We caught an overnight train from Stockholm arriving early in the morning at Östersund station in north Sweden. We were off to spend a week in Lena’s summer-house near Högsta with no electricity and no running water. All the water we wanted we had to get from the well, candles replaced electricity and we cooked on a tiny gas stove. It is amazing how little water you need when you have to draw it yourself and carry it in a bucket. Food was kept cold in the cellar which is a separate building from the main house and partly underground. However, being Sweden, there was a sauna which is fired up with a log fire and we certainly made the most of that. It was a very satisfying experience to live a simpler life and also to recognise how much time basic chores take without the convenience of instant water or light. 80 years ago, a Swedish family lived in this house all the year round – and winter in Sweden is formidable.