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The artwork is complete save for a trip to the framers.
“Father had one week of holiday a year at the beginning of August and as a family we would go to West Bay each day to camp in our tent. Every day, Mother packed delicious food for the day and we would set off for our destination, 1½ miles away. Father cycled while Mother and we four girls could choose to walk or catch the bus. If we walked, we had enough money to buy chocolate, which we made last by eating one square of chocolate per field. Father spent time fishing on his boat and even taught us to swim in the harbour. Our expectations were different then and yet not so much has changed. Children still love the sun, the sand and frolicking on the beach. The sounds of seagulls, waves and excited high-pitched voices are the same.”

Wondering what this is about? Click here to find out more about this project.

Detail - It is hard to see on screen but I love the way the photos melt and blur into the paper

To find out more about holidays in the 1920s I read a book called ‘Just a line from West Bay’ which is a collection of post cards of West Bay. I learnt that a Fishermen’s Regatta had been revived in 1922 which provided entertainment with its booths and trade stands. There were water polo matches and it was quite normal to swim in the harbour, in fact part of it was enclosed for a swimming club. There would have been musical concerts and visits to tea rooms but I know that my granny’s family most likely enjoyed picnics and walks. The children would do much the same things as we do today – paddle in the water, catch crabs, make sand castles, bury their feet in the sand and collect pebbles. Did they whine a little if they were chilly? I understand that my great-grandmother was a battle-axe so probably not!

I wanted to use photos from the book and after contacting the author, I realised that he was one of the experts on The Antique Road Show – Paul Atterbury. I really appreciated his prompt email saying that it would be fine to use the images and did I know he had also written a large coffee table book called ‘On Holiday’? I immediately ordered it and am soaking in its nostalgic images.

Researching for this art project has enriched the experience while liaising with Paul Atterbury added to the adventure as I learnt about holidays of yesterday. Wondering what this is all about? Click here to find out more about this project.