artinard2 artinard3 artinard4What I love about sculpture is the way in changes the surroundings and itself is changed depending on where it is placed. Ardington, a village in the shadow of The Ridgeway in Oxfordshire, has been transformed over the last two weeks with about 70 sculptures positioned near its streams, lakes, beautiful houses and Millennium woods. My friend and I met for a walk to enjoy time together, to catch up and also to appreciate the art. Some were good and some indifferent, but it was always exciting to spot the next one on our treasure hunt of sculpture as we shared our news. My favourite was the tall tall woman with a rusty, crusty texture by Pam Foley. It reminded me of Giacometti’s thin figures or the way our shadows become elongated and heads pin-shaped in the setting sun. The glass lozenges by Jenny Pickford made me smile as the colour glowed with joy. Some sculptures were not to my taste but still created beautiful shapes, textures or reflections that they gave us pleasure. What a pleasant way to start the week – talking with a dear friend and enjoying the familiar countryside subtly changed with the addition of sculptures.

Sadly Art in Ardington ended yesterday, so we were just ahead of the removal men who were taking the sculptures away, but if you are quick, you may still catch a few!artinard1 artinard5 artinard6About this post: My 2014 resolution is to visit a creative place every month.
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